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creative solutions.
higher impact.

Complex business challenges can be overcome by creating clear and simple solutions.

The Higher Impact Group (HIG) is a network of individuals, teams, and organizations that connects people to solutions.

We help businesses simplify complex challenges that matter most to them in leadership, sales, and product development.


The Higher Impact 

HIG connects individuals, teams,
and organizations to solutions by listening, learning, and then helping achieve what matters most to them

Our Services

 Human Learning

We connect individuals, teams, and organizations to world-class human development solutions that will help you achieve what matters most

Business Development 

We work with organizations around the world to build, market, and deploy human focused tools, solutions and products that will help your business, people, and culture thrive

Growth Advisory

We coach and advise individuals, teams, and organizations on how to achieve the highest potential using creativity, leadership, and business skills to create higher human impact



HIG was founded under the idea that connecting people together who want to make positive human impact should be a way business is done. HIG is that connection, by leveraging a network of individuals, teams, and organizations that connects people and human-centered solutions together.

Tim Davisson
HIG Founder and CEO


 "We have worked on client engagements around the world, and Tim brings fun, positive energy and communication that is easy to understand to bridge our client relationships so that we in turn, always bring the best of our company in service of our client's sustainable development!"
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HQ Office, San Diego


Let’s Create Impact Together

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